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Renewable Energy No Longer ‘Niche’

Biomass boiler heating and other forms of renewable energy have been being developed for decades now, but it is only recently that they have become a real option for investors, according to Reuters.

This may come as surprising, though welcome news for people who have had their ear to the ground. President Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement and promised to push for more jobs in coal, in a move that has had many shaking their heads: there are more jobs in renewable energy in the US now than there are in coal.

Despite this it is only recently that renewables have become an obvious source of investment, Reuters reveals.

“Five or six years ago, funds weren’t specifically targeting renewable investment; today it’s a key component of infrastructure investment,” David Giordano, managing director and head of North American, Latin American and Asia Pacific investments at BlackRock told Reuters.

Blackrock currently has over $4 billion in investments in renewable energy, mainly solar and wind projects.

The role of the renewable energy in the US appears relatively untouched by Donald Trump, as many in the industry and related industries are still very much behind it. There is a great deal of commitment to renewable energy in both the private and public sector and that isn’t due to go away any time soon.

Walmart and General Motors have become some of the biggest buyers of renewables in the market, a significant departure from attitudes held just 10 years ago by big corporations.

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