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UK ‘Set To Miss EU 2020 Targets’ For Renewable Energy

The UK is in line to miss its EU 2020 targets for renewable energy, according to National Grid, which has suggested that even in a scenario where the country is as environmentally minded as possible it would fail its target of producing 15 per cent of all its energy from renewables.

Furthermore, the company believes that the country will also fail to hit its own independently set CO2 reduction plans unless more stringent polices are brought in soon, the BBC reports.

It may not be all doom and gloom since the report stated that the UK’s progress where wind and solar-powered electricity is concerned has in fact been faster than anticipated by some. However, the rate of progress for hydrogen and electric cars would actually need to almost treble in order to hit the EU 2020 target.

Speaking to the news source, a National Grid spokesman said: “The 2050 targets are still achievable but we need much more momentum. The government has to change the trajectory or we are going to fail. We need to learn our lessons from where things have gone wrong so far.”

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