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Wood / Biomass Boilers

We supply, install and service commercial and domestic biomass boilers which burn wood logs, chips or pellets, and are capable of supplying heat for central heating systems and water heating.

Greenfields Heat and Power Ltd has an established reputation in the North of England for top quality biomass boiler installations, industry leading technical expertise, and unsurpassed service and support.

At Greenfields we have a proven track record, with partnerships with Herz, Hargassner, Windhager and MCZ we have a boiler for any property and pocket.

  • Over 40 biomass boiler systems designed and installed
  • Unsurpassed technical advice
  • Competitive prices and value
  • Outstanding service and support
  • Free Survey, Design and Quote
  • RHI application assistance

Reduce your Heating Bills

Wood pellets and wood chip are now significantly cheaper than all fossil fuels even gas. The disparity between gas and oil, and biomass will continue to widen as fossil fuel prices increase.

Renewable Heat Incentive

A generous 20 year income is available for commercial and district heat systems. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will pay out around £23,000 per annum for a 199kW system, £14,700 for a 130kW system and £7,000 for a 90kW system depending on use.

A generous 7 year income of 0.122p a kw/h based on your EPC will be available this year.

We are able to offer full funding for our installations (restrictions apply)
We are fully accredited with MCS, HETAS and RECC.

Why choose a biomass heating system over a conventional one?

Economical, Low Cost Heating with Wood. With the increased scarcity of fossil fuels and resulting massively escalating costs, heating for your home or business is becoming more and more expensive and will only increase in expense in the future. Using wood (biomass) as a fuel provides an economical and renewable alternative to this. Installing biomass boilers cuts fuel bills, carbon emissions and can provide you with a significant revenue stream for using your heating. The growth of the timber fuel industry has also meant that sourcing biomass fuels suitable for burning as fuel has never been easier.

Greenfields Heat and Power