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Majority Of Brits Back Renewables Subsidies

The majority of people in the UK support the idea of renewable energy being subsidised, a new survey has found.

Research conducted on behalf of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit found that 85 per cent of people want the likes of wind and solar power to receive subsidies.

This is compared to just 30 per cent who think gas and nuclear should be subsidised, and 19 per cent who believe coal power should be given financial support.

In addition, 65 per cent of those questioned support the government’s policy to close all coal-fired power plants in the coming years.

While there is support for subsidies for renewable power sources, chair of the Energy Transitions Commission Lord Adair Turner pointed out that the more successful these energy sources become, the less funding they will require.

He cited wind and solar power, where the cost of energy has been steadily falling. “As this trend continues, so we begin to reap the rewards of earlier investment, in the form of lower wholesale electricity prices,” he added.

In addition, the survey found that a growing number of Brits are also supportive of assistance programmes run by the government to reduce energy wastage.

However, National Grid revealed earlier this month that the UK is going to miss its renewable energy targets for 2020.

A spokesperson for the organisation told the BBC that the 2050 targets are still achievable, but only if the government puts more momentum behind its renewable energy strategy.

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