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Why Your Business Should Embrace Renewable Energy Sources

There’s no doubt there are many people out there supporting alternative forms of energy, from solar panels to hydroelectricity. Whether your business is based in Northumberland or Cumbria, renewable energy is being supported by many companies across the UK.

Richard Braakenburg, the director and co-head of energy efficiency and distributed energy at UK Green Investment Bank, suggests that more businesses are reconsidering their strategies with sustainable forms of power, according to the Independent. You’ll find that it includes large-sized corporations down to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Gatwick Airport has joined the likes of Google, Ikea, Microsoft and Facebook as a member of RE100, which aims to achieve 100pc renewable energy. You might be surprised to hear of an airport supporting this initiative, especially for much they rely on fuel and the opposition some people held – and still hold – towards the third runway at Heathrow Airport.

It has proved to be effective, however, as Gatwick became one of the first airports in the world to hit 100pc carbon neutrality.

Rachel Thompson, the sustainability manager at Gatwick, commented: “Our target for renewable energy was 25pc by 2020.”

It’s not simply one business in one sector making the switch. In fact, William Chase, the founder of Tyrrells and the owner of Chase Distillery in Hereford, is shaking up his business for the long term.

Mr Chase said: “Recently, we installed a wood-chip steam boiler. By taking the prunings from our 200-year-old apple orchards, we have been able to feed the boiler that produces the steam, which is the main energy source we need.”

Whether it’s solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectricity or biomass boilers, businesses aren’t looking to one option available on the market. They are supporting both eco-friendlier alternatives and taking advantage of them ahead of their competitors.

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