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SmartDraw DocumentWe have achieved such a high C.O.P as we are using the energy from cooling the cooling vessel, the key is to get a balanced load with summer re-energising the ground and winter using the stored energy.

By using a set of motorised valves on the brine pipe work and heating circuit and utilising a BMS system we can control the temperature in the buffer vessels anywhere between 4 and 55 degrees.

This made the system ideal for a choice of cooling and heating applications.

I have had some interesting discussions regarding the use of an autofill on a brine system – usually consisting of a sealed system – does it need one?
My take on it is this :

a) It protects the heat pump with the interlock if you have a major leak
b) It stops callouts because there has been an increase / decrease in pressure on circuit due to air in system or temperature variations

Andrew Beatty

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