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Open Loop HeatingAt 27 litres a second and 522Kw we believe this is one of the largest open loop systems in the UK.
One of the largest systems in the UK, utilizing the large Aquifer below. We are pumping 27 litres a second through a custom made heat exchanger then back into the ground.

The energy from this water can passively cool the 6500 ltr cold buffer tank or feed into the Watekotte heat pumps to heat the 5000 litre hot water buffer. The buffers then feed around the site to several buildings.

Open loop or closed loop?

I have had some interesting disussions on this. I think the saying is : Open loop – jump through hoops!
My take on it is this :
a) Open loop can give a higher COP
b) It can work out significantly cheaper on a large scale project
c) You need patience to get through all the red tape (as we are only borrowing the water and returning it through a seal pipe and at a similar temperature, it should be an easy process?)

– Andrew Beatty

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