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5 Weird Items Found Blocking The Plumbing!

To avoid blocked pipes, people do have to be vigilant about what they send down the drains. For example, you should always avoid flushing wet wipes and dirty nappies down the toilet, as these will definitely result in a clog. However, these aren’t the strangest items to have been found in the pipes. Here are five of our favourites.

A five foot-long snake

A plumber in Dover made this shocking discovery while trying to fix a washing machine. He could tell there was a blockage and used his vacuum cleaner to try and clear it, only to end up pulling out a five foot-long venomous adder. Imagine his surprise!

11ft alligator

Forget the snake – families in Florida were no doubt surprised to find that the cause of the drain smell and blocked pipes was actually a dead 11ft alligator that had somehow found its way into a storm drain.

Mobile phones, false teeth & golf balls

Scottish Water recently revealed some of the oddest items the company has found down the drains, including golf balls, false teeth, mobile phones, all of which helped contribute to fatbergs affecting thousands of properties.

A hand grenade

The Consumer Council for Water issued a plea last year for homeowners to watch what they send down the drains after a hand grenade was fished out of the sewer. A space hopper was also found, as well as a dismantled greenhouse.

A pink bike

In 2013, a pink bike was found to be blocking the drains in Scotland’s sewer network, along with a fax machine and a giant Winnie the Pooh toy.

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