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Snow Still On The Way!

This week (January 9th), there has been an awful lot of talk about Arctic fronts, snowbombs and gale force winds, but weather predictions haven’t seemed to materialise in quite the way that everyone expected.

However, this isn’t stopping the forecasters it would seem, with fresh reports coming in that thunder snow (thunderstorms with snow instead of rain, apparently) could hit the country from Thursday evening onwards. We might be in line for 20cm of snow in some parts of the UK – so keep an eye on local weather reports just in case.

Chief meteorologist with the Met Office Paul Gundersen was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “Most northern areas are very likely to see snow showers at times over the next few days, but the situation over the southern half of England is more complicated. Southern counties of England and Wales can expect a cold and wet day with some heavy rain on Thursday, but there’s an increasing chance this will turn to sleet or snow.”

To protect your house in the face of all this impending snow, check the condition of your roof and look out for cracked or broken tiles, clear your gutters and drain pipes, and cut back low-hanging branches that could be dangerous in high winds.

Inside your house, you should have your boiler serviced at least once a year and have your gas fires and central heating checked as well so you know they’re working efficiently.

Other ways you can protect yourself against the cold include hanging thick curtains to trap heat inside and insulating your loft properly.

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