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Government White Paper Promises Innovation In Energy Sector

Biomass boiler heating could get a significant boost in the future if the Government manages to achieve its plans laid out in a white paper published this week.

The industrial strategy white paper is the first of its kind in the UK for a number of years and promises to Build a Britain Fit For The Future.

It has been welcomed by the UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) who say that anaerobic digestion (AD) can play a key role in ‘enhancing’ Britain’s industrial capacity.

In the paper the Government promises a ‘circular economy’. The paper reads: [The government is] committed to moving towards a more circular economy – to raising productivity by using resources more efficiently, to increasing resilience by contributing to a healthier environment, and to supporting long-term growth by regenerating our natural capital.

There is a clear commitment to renewable energy with millions pledged to boosting electric car manufacture and the charging points and infrastructure they will rely on.

Using low carbon technologies is one of the four key pillars in the strategy, which the Government claims is vital for sustainability.

Charlotte Morton, ADBA CEO said: “We’re encouraged to hear that the government will increase incentives for investment in sustainable agriculture to help grow markets for innovative technologies and techniques. AD is clearly one such technology, so we look forward to further details on this support.”

The government did however, need to follow this paper up with “concrete support” for the sector if overall potential was going to be realised, she added.

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