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Flash Flood Warnings Issued For Cumbria

Even though it’s June and you might well expect the weather to be a bit warmer and drier at this time of year, some parts of the country have been experiencing rather a lot of rain… which has led to flood warnings being issued for Cumbria.

According to the Westmorland Gazette, at the end of last month locals were taking to social media to warn others about flash flooding after heavy downpours. Official flood warnings from the Met Office that were in place have now been lifted but people would still be wise to be on their guard and take precautions as and when they can.

If you live somewhere prone to flooding like some parts of Cumbria, you’d be wise to have sandbags in close proximity to your house so if a flash flood warning is issued you’re ready to protect your house. Get in touch with your local council to find out where you can get these from.

Sandbags can be used to blook drains, doorways and other openings into your property, as well as weighing down your manhole covers, block toilets, sinks and bath drains, and even weigh down your garden furniture in case of a flood.

Bear in mind, however, that these bags can be difficult to handle and it can take a long time to lay them in place, so make sure you do this ahead of time if you can. And remember that sandbags also seep water even if they’ve been properly stacked and then trodden into place.

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