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Energy Bill Hike Of £287 Predicted For 270,000 Households

If you’re fixed energy tariff for your energy supply at the moment, you might want to check to see if you’re going to roll over onto your supplier’s standard variable rate before the end of the year – or you could find yourself hit with a bigger bill than expected come the new year.

Research from has just revealed that the average hike to energy bills will be £287 per household, with an estimated 274,000 customers to be moved onto standard variable tariffs automatically in October, November and December.

Head of energy with the price comparison site Peter Earl said: “A price cap is expected to come into force in the near future, but it won’t be here in time for winter and the savings that consumers can expect to make from switching provider are far greater than those promised by a government cap.”

It could well be worth taking a look to see if E.ON might be the right supplier for you. The company has pledged to replace all of its standard variable tariffs with fixed rates if you choose to have a smart meter installed. The new tariffs will be fixed for one year so you won’t need to worry about energy hikes – and there’s no exit fee either.

Shopping around is certainly wise if you do want to take advantage of the most competitive rates out there. You certainly don’t have to stay with your current supplier – no matter what they say! So just make sure you’re not being taken for a ride before the winter well and truly hits us.

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