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Cumbrians – Is Your Heating Oil Safe From Theft?

If you live in a rural part of Cumbria, you might want to make sure your heating oil is properly protected as new research has found that over £4 million worth of this kind of oil was stolen from rural homes last year.

The BoilerJuice study found that thefts of this kind have climbed by 51 per cent in six years so being vigilant, especially at this time of year, would be wise, the Daily Mail reports.

The average victim of heating oil theft will lose £280 worth, which could potentially leave them in fuel poverty and unable to heat their homes effectively during winter. Oil theft hotspots were revealed as being Hereford, Cardiff, Swansea, Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk, but Cumbrians should also make sure they’re more careful to avoid finding themselves in a sticky situation.

Managing director of BoilerJuice Lee Cowles was quoted by the news source as saying: “When the cost of heating oil spikes you usually see this followed by an increase in theft. Domestic oil tanks can contain hundreds of pounds worth of oil and the cost of damage to tanks and potential spills caused by theft can also cost up to tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the severity, so it makes good sense to take a few precautions to protect it.”

You can help prevent domestic heating oil theft by keeping your tank well hidden and out of sight from the road. Also consider installing sturdy locks on caps, openings and vent caps, and use fuel hoses that have a hardened casing so they’re more difficult to cut.

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