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Heat Pumps – An Alternative To Gas

The majority of home and business owners have their properties connected to the mains gas supply – particularly those to be found in towns and cities. However, sometimes it’s not always possible to be connected to the grid and often people are keen to find a more environmentally friendly solution for heating – and this is where commercial heat pump installations can really come into their own.

You can invest in ground or air source heat pumps (unless you live near a stream, river or lake, in which case you can make use of a water source heat pump). Ground source appliances take warmth from the earth and then use this to heat properties and provide hot water. The pump is positioned above ground and is connected to pipes that are buried underground to provide you with heat all year round.

Alternatively, you might find you’re better suited to an air source heat pump. This takes heat from the air outside and uses it to heat property interiors. They can be air-to-water pumps that can provide a wet central heating system with power, or you can invest in an air-to-air heat pump that will produce warm air and use fans to circulate it throughout your house. If you feel the cold particularly, an air source pump may not be the best option as they can struggle to operate effectively below a certain temperature.

Heat pumps can also be great for reducing your energy bills, since they move heat around instead of creating it through burning oil or gas. They’re also more efficient so you’ll find that the pump pays for itself much quicker than you might have otherwise thought. You’ll also be able to protect yourself against rises in oil prices, especially important during the winter when you’ll be relying on your heating a lot more.

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