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Prince Charles Speaks Out For Renewable Energy

Prince Charles has written an article speaking out about climate change, and encouraging everyone to think about the severe consequences of ignoring it.

Writing for the Mail On Sunday, the royal revealed that he understands people’s frustrations with the ongoing debate over climate change, but added that there is too much evidence to prove that it is occurring, and that humans are largely responsible for it.

He has written a short book about climate change and the impact it is having on our planet, which is due to be published by Ladybird books later this month, and stressed the need to embrace the revolution in clean energy that is happening around the world.

“We have an historic opportunity to put the world on a better path, one that is more secure and sustainable,” he stated.

Prince Charles also highlighted the wastefulness of our current economic system, pointing out that there are many ways for us to reuse and recycle, and to reduce our energy consumption, if we take “a more sensible approach to economics”.

He added that we should be looking to create a circular economy, rather than continuing to support the throw-away economy we currently have.

One example of how to embrace this idea is the use of anaerobic digestion plants, which has increased in the UK in recent years. There are now over 500 such plants in the country, providing a sustainable way to dispose of and utilise food waste, agricultural materials and even sewage.

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