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Map Shows Over 500 Anaerobic Digestion Plants In UK

Britain is becoming better at supporting green energy production, with a recent map showing the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry in the UK has more than 500 operational plants.

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) recently released an interactive map of the country’s AD sites, which revealed 540 plants across the UK are producing biogas from food waste, industrial effluents, sewage and agricultural materials.

Charlotte Morton, chief executive of the ADBA, said the news that there are now so many sites supporting AD is “hugely welcome”.

She stated: “[They provide] the equivalent of over 700MW capacity for green electricity generation and [offer] a sustainable option for food waste, farming and water treatment.”

The map was launched to help suppliers, developers and waste producers locate sites close to them where they can recycle their produce.

They can also use the map to take a look at a particular type of plant, and those who are members of the ADBA benefit from special features, such as finding out which sites are in the planning or construction stages.

Ms Morton stated that this map will make it easier for businesses to access information about AD use in the UK than ever before.

Despite the fact that the map shows a growth in the AD industry, she called upon the government to increase its support for renewable electricity and assist in collecting, and recycling, food waste.

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