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Eco Interventions Could Save NHS £414 Million Annually ‘By 2020’

A series of 35 interventions have been proposed to help the NHS save money and reduce the impact it has on the environment. A new report from the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has suggested that if these measures are all introduced, the NHS could save itself £414 million annually and 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 each year by 2020.

The measures that are being suggested include biomass boilers, teleconferencing facilities to reduce distance and travel times for both doctors and patients, more efficient heating and lighting systems and reduction of material waste, the National Health Executive reports.

Some hospitals have already brought in some sustainability measures successfully, such as Rampton Hospital which replaced its coal-fired heat plant with a wood chip boiler and a combined heat and power unit, a move that reduced its energy usage by 44 per cent and saved it 8,614 tonnes of CO2 and £790,000 each year.

Director of the SDU David Pencheon said: “We … know that seeking financial savings without considering the long term social and environmental implications can be dangerously short sighted in terms of health protection and improvement. This report and supporting resources help organisations to identify opportunities that can save money now and have a positive environmental health – which will save money and improve health, now and in the future.”

Biomass boilers that make use of wood chips and wood pellets are significantly cheaper than all fossil fuels, including gas. And as prices for fossil fuels increase, the gap between gas and oil, and biomass will continue to grow. To avoid spiralling energy costs, why don’t you start looking into this kind of green energy? Call us here at Greenfields Penrith to find out more.

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