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Agrivert Opens Largest Anaerobic Digestion Plant In Wales

Agrivert Directors has officially opened its fourth anaerobic digestion (AD) facility, which is also the largest of its kind in Wales.


Last week (December 2nd), the firm welcomed Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales, at its new site in Bridgend, South Wales, who came to launch the site together with many people from the industry and the press.


Bridgend AM Mr Jones said he thoroughly supported the facility at Parc Stormy, Stormy Down, adding that it will provide many benefits.


“By segregating food from general waste, large tonnages will avoid landfill, where it would generate greenhouse gas emissions,” he stated.


Indeed, the plant is expected to process 48,000 tonnes of organic waste per year, which will then generate 3MW of electricity on the National Grid. This is enough to provide electricity to 5,900 houses, as well as supplying bio-fertiliser for 3,000 acres of local farmland, which can use it to replace fossil fuel-derived fertilisers.


The area is no stranger to green technologies, as there is also a wind turbine, solar panels, a site that transforms industrial waste into low-carbon element, and an eco-house in Stormy Down.


Chief executive of Agrivert Alexander Maddan stated: “The new plant will offer much needed reliable capacity to local markets.”


This comes after Agrivert revealed two of its latest AD facilities have started to produce electrical power. The sites in South Wales and North London will convert 100,000 tonnes of food waste each year to provide electricity for 12,000 homes.


Using biomass boilers is also an effective solution to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. To find out more, take a look here.

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