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REA Launches Biomass Campaign

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has teamed up with the Wood Heat Association (WHA) to launch a new campaign focusing on how biomass could be used as a source of renewable heat.

The government is now being called on to prioritise the decarbonisation of heat and to provide additional support to further the use of affordable, sustainable and low carbon biomass. Compared to the EU fossil heat average, the biomass heat sector reduces net carbon emissions by 87.5 per cent.

A third of the carbon emissions in the UK comes from the heat sector, but just over four per cent of all heat is currently being produced from renewable sources.

Analyst at the WHA Frank Aaskov said: “The biomass heat sector actively contributes to the regrowth of forests and has been the most popular technology under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive programme. The government will be making major decisions about the programme’s future in the coming weeks and we’re urging them to remember biomass as a force for good.”

Biomass is simply fuel that has been developed from organic materials and is then used as a source of energy to create electricity and other types of power. Examples of materials that are used as biomass fuel include crops, manure, forest debris, scrap wood and some forms of waste residues.

It is particularly good because waste residue will always exist, whether that’s scrap wood or something else, and if forests are properly managed there will always be more trees… so there will always be residual waste left over that can be used for fuel.

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