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Batteries To Help Deliver Clean & Cheap Energy System?

The humble battery could well be the answer that we’ve all been looking for to deliver a clean and cheap energy system here in the UK.

Speaking to the Guardian, business secretary Greg Clark explained that we could soon store renewable power in batteries to be used when the grid requires it, a move that would help drive down costs for all – including those low income households and vulnerable energy consumers.

He went on to say: “If only we can capture it [power from the sun and wind] then we can go from energy being a worrying cost to people, to being, if not free, then very cheap.”

According to the news source, renewables have grown in the last ten years, so much so that they now supply over a quarter of the power needed here in the UK. This is expected to increase further as costs drop and hit subsidy-free levels.

Late last month (July 24th), energy watchdog Ofgem announced that plans are now afoot to upgrade the current energy system in order to give consumers greater control. A smarter energy system will help both households and businesses make better more informed choices about how and when electricity is used.

The plan also recognised the role that energy storage has to play in the creation of a smart energy grid. The falling costs of battery technology also presents a number of opportunities in order to store surplus energy.

Mr Clark said at the time that upgrading the energy system is a key part of the government’s industrial strategy, a move that will create new companies and highly skilled jobs – as well as ensuring the country’s infrastructure can cope with demand.

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