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11 New Energy Projects To Power 3.6 Million Homes Announced!

Clean technology is gaining traction here in the UK, with the government announcing 11 new energy projects that have been successful in the most recent round of competitive auction for renewable technologies.

These projects are expected to generate more than 3GW of electricity, which is enough to power 3.6 million homes, with the projects delivered from 2021 in the West Midlands, the Scottish Highlands, Wales and other places around the country.

This fresh wave of investment will help the country hit its climate change targets and support jobs in the burgeoning renewables industry. Currently, the UK enjoys the biggest offshore wind capacity in the world, with low carbon companies boasting a combined turnover of £43 billion and employing 234,000 people.

Richard Harrington, minister for energy and industry, commented on the news, saying: “The offshore wind sector alone will invest £17.5bn in the UK up to 2021 and thousands of new jobs in British businesses will be created by the projects announced today. This government will continue to seize these opportunities as the world moves towards a low carbon future, and will set out ambitious proposals in the upcoming Clean Growth Plan.”

However, an academic paper was recently published in Earth System Dynamics written by a group of international scientists, suggesting that although renewable energy use is on the rise it on its own won’t be enough to slow global warming down.

Their research indicated that the world has already pushed past the point of acceptable levels for global warming and as such rapid reductions in emissions would be necessary to avoid extreme climate change in the future.

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