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100 Cities Use Mainly Renewable Energy For Power

There has been increased awareness regarding energy usage over the years, with more people beginning to favour environmentally-friendly power over fossil fuels. Therefore, it is no surprise to hear that 100 cities across the world primarily source their electricity from renewable energy.

This is according to data from CDP, which revealed earlier this week that these places locate at least 70 per cent of their electric power from renewable sources.

As cities are responsible for more than two-thirds of carbon emissions around the world, it is essential they lead the way with regards to green energy usage to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to the findings, 184 cities make use of solar energy and 189 source power from wind energy.

“[Cities] are demonstrating pioneering solutions to slashing emissions and increasing resilience to the effects of climate change,” a spokesperson for CDP stated, adding: “The clean-energy revolution is also transforming cities into centres of innovation.”

It is thought the Paris Agreement, which emphasised the roles cities have to play in raising awareness of green energy, has encouraged more governments to transform their energy usage.

Some locations across the world are pioneering the way for others with their focus on renewable energy. For instance, Burlington in the USA receives all its electricity from green sources, which include wind, hydro, biomass boilers and solar energy.

Britain is also trying to boost its use of green energy, with the Electric Insights data revealing this made up a quarter of all electricity generated last year, The Independent recently reported.

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