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UK Solar Panels ‘Generate More Power Than Coal’ For 1st Time

In May, solar panels generated around 1,336 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity, 50 per cent more than the 893GWh that coal achieved for the month, new analysis from Carbon Brief has just revealed.

This is the first time that solar panels have generated more electricity over a calendar month than coal, a milestone that highlights the substantial changes that are currently ongoing in the UK’s electricity system. Of course, however, a combination of low coal output and longer summer days must also be taken into account.

Over the month, solar generated almost six per cent of the country’s electricity needs, while coal was below four per cent. In January, these figures were one per cent for solar and 17 per cent for coal.

“The UK passed a historic milestone in mid-May as coal output hit zero on seven periods across the week commencing Monday 9th May. Total daily coal output was near zero during 12th-14th May,” Carbon Brief observed.

Last month (May), the biggest solar farm in Scotland went live, a 13MW scheme over 70 acres of land in Perthshire that saw 55,000 solar panels installed on the site.

Power will be provided all year round for over 3,500 homes in the region. Such news only goes to show how dedicated the UK is to renewable energy and finding alternative sources of power. To find out more about renewable energy in Cumbria, get in touch with us at Greenfields Penrith today. We can help you work out if it is the right route for you and your home or business.

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