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Renewable Energy In Cumbria Takes Centre Stage

It could be time to look for more efficient sources of renewable energy in Cumbria. Gone are the days of an overzealous reliance on fossil fuel energy, especially with a continued focus on improving the environment and business productivity. Cumbria is set to be at the heart of this change with sustainable renewable energy.

A newly published report suggests plans are in the pipeline for a new Cumbria Local Energy Plan, helping local businesses in the area to increase productivity, In Cumbria reports. More importantly, however, it brings a clear agenda of lowering carbon emissions and building renewable energy products. It is the perfect way to move ahead of the game in Cumbria and seek out more efficient forms of energy.

Biomass boilers are one such alternative that are beneficial for the environment. According to Business Wire, the biomass boiler market is expected to grow around 6.25 per cent worldwide between 2017 to 2024. Compared with fossil fuels, biomass is a more efficient – and friendly – source going forward.

Biomass boilers use wood pellets and wood chip to work, providing a more sustainable and efficient source for renewable energy. The commercial appeal of biomass heating will continue to rise, not to mention the short and long-term advantages it will provide to businesses in Cumbria should they make the switch now.

With plans approved for a third runway at Heathrow, the focus on more efficient forms of renewable energy will continue to echo throughout the UK. Cumbria’s strategy and shift to renewable sources makes biomass boilers and other commercial heat pumps a fantastic time to switch up for the long – and green – road ahead.

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