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New school, Wrexham

School WrexhamNibe 60Kw New School Wrexham (Rhosllanerchrugog)
2 no. Nibe 30kw heat pumps provide the hot water and underfloor heating for this new school. 9 x 100m bore holes feed the heat pumps, the drilling was a nightmare as the old mine works crisscrossing the drilling area that needed to be sleeved.

Anybody today can have a fancy website claiming this and that. My take on it is
Look at the case studies, as I bet there’s only a small few of us that have installed systems over 100kw and then even less for systems over 500kw.

With over 50 systems installed and working : EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

– Andrew Beatty

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New food technology unit, Penrith

One of the flagship buildings for CREA, this V Good Bream rated building has a Worcester Heat Pump for the underfloor heating, Worcester solar panels for part hot water supply and rain water harvesting.

We did the full mechanical and electrical installation (£376k). Consisting of air handing, ductwork, air conditioning, plumbing, heating, fire alarm, intruder alarm, BMS system, solar system, heat pump, rainwater harvester, specialist lighting, commercial gas, CCTV, lightning protection and energy metering. This is all done in house or by our business partners.

Specialist heat pump contractor?

Most heat pump installers have on their web sites, heatpump installer, underfloor heating installer. My take on it is this :

It’s all right knowing how to install a heat pump or how to install underfloor heating. But looking at the bigger picture it’s better to understand the complete project and be capable of connecting the bits inbetween, wire it up and then commission the whole system.

– Andrew Beatty

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Edgehill University

Open Loop HeatingAt 27 litres a second and 522Kw we believe this is one of the largest open loop systems in the UK.
One of the largest systems in the UK, utilizing the large Aquifer below. We are pumping 27 litres a second through a custom made heat exchanger then back into the ground.

The energy from this water can passively cool the 6500 ltr cold buffer tank or feed into the Watekotte heat pumps to heat the 5000 litre hot water buffer. The buffers then feed around the site to several buildings.

Open loop or closed loop?

I have had some interesting disussions on this. I think the saying is : Open loop – jump through hoops!
My take on it is this :
a) Open loop can give a higher COP
b) It can work out significantly cheaper on a large scale project
c) You need patience to get through all the red tape (as we are only borrowing the water and returning it through a seal pipe and at a similar temperature, it should be an easy process?)

– Andrew Beatty

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Speke Medical Centre

SmartDraw DocumentWe have achieved such a high C.O.P as we are using the energy from cooling the cooling vessel, the key is to get a balanced load with summer re-energising the ground and winter using the stored energy.

By using a set of motorised valves on the brine pipe work and heating circuit and utilising a BMS system we can control the temperature in the buffer vessels anywhere between 4 and 55 degrees.

This made the system ideal for a choice of cooling and heating applications.

I have had some interesting discussions regarding the use of an autofill on a brine system – usually consisting of a sealed system – does it need one?
My take on it is this :

a) It protects the heat pump with the interlock if you have a major leak
b) It stops callouts because there has been an increase / decrease in pressure on circuit due to air in system or temperature variations

Andrew Beatty

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AST Signs Penrith

Greenfield’s were nominated to design and build the new flagship office and workshop building for AST signs, comprising of a full heat recovery ventilation system and a well-planned and installed cable and pipe runs as most of the installation is on display and became a design feature of the building.

Project: AST Signs
Duration: 26 weeks
Value: £315k
Main contractor: Greenfields (Greenfields took over main contractor duties once building was weather tight)

  • Full M & E design and build
  • Thermal wheel heat recovery system
  • Underfloor heating to office areas
  • Hot water heat recovery
  • Cables and pipe work an aesthetic feature
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Stockton Riverside College

Greenfield’s were awarded the contract to install a new 500kw Herz biomass system, to replace the troublesome installed boilers and take advantage of the governments RHI scheme.
In addition to lowering the running costs of the college and the reduction of emissions compared to the fossil fuel alternatives.

Project: Stockton Riverside College
Duration: 8 weeks
Value: £215k
Main contractor: Schneider Electric UK

  • Biomass design and build
  • 500kw Herz biomass boiler
  • 6000lt buffer vessels
  • District heat meter installation
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Nunnick Hall Estates

Greenfields were awarded the contract to install a new 199kw Herz biomass system, to replace the the individual installed boilers with a district heating scheme and take advantage of the governments RHI scheme as well as  lowering the running costs of the estate and the reduction of emissions compared to the fossil fuel alternatives.

Project details:
Project: Nunnick Hall Estates
Duration: 8 weeks
Value: £165k
Main contractor: Nunnick Hall Estates

  • Biomass Design and Build
  • 199kw Herz biomass boiler
  • 3000lt buffer vessels
  • District heat meter installation
  • LED lighting, fire alarm, intruder alarm


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