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Home Buyers Increasingly Checking Eco Credentials

Home buyers in the UK are becoming increasingly eco conscious and are paying more attention to the eco credentials of a property when they’re looking for a new home.

An article for Homes and Property recently noted that we’ve long seen energy performance certificate (EPC) data included in property listings, but now buyers are looking for other things such as solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

However, architect Lynne Sullivan OBE told the publication that buyers also need to consider how well insulated a home is, as well as how good the ventilation is.

“When buying a home, the main questions to ask are ‘How much will it cost to run this house and how much will it cost to maintain it?’” she explained.

With energy prices rising, having access to your own energy source could be an advantage, not to mention the growing number of people who are keen to do their bit to protect the environment, which may mean embracing renewable energy in Cumbria and elsewhere.

Aside from solar panels, the likes of rainwater harvesting and triple glazing can help bring a home’s carbon footprint right down.

Given that 2017 was the greenest year ever recorded for UK power generation, there are definitely signs that perceptions about renewable energy are changing. Their take up is also being bolstered by falling costs when it comes to establishing wind farms and installing solar PV panels.

In June last year, wind, solar and nuclear sources generated more energy than coal and gas combined.

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