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Doubts Cast On UK Meeting 2020 Renewable Heat Targets

Leading experts in both the green and transport sectors in the UK have cast aspersions on whether or not the UK will be able to meet its transport and renewable heat targets by the year 2020, which include cutting 12 per cent on heat consumption and ten per cent on transport.

CEO of Energy Saving Trust Philip Sellwood said it’s more likely that the targets for electrification will be met since the country was some way ahead of the goals back in 2014, Energy Live News reports.

He went on to note that one of the main issues regarding achieving these targets is a lack of awareness on the part of the general public relating to low carbon heat technology. Mr Sellwood observed that there’s approximately 12 per cent awareness of products like commercial heat pumps and five per cent awareness of the renewable heat incentive.

CEO of Good Energy Juliet Davenport went on to add that the UK might meet half its goal for renewable heat by 2020.

The Renewable Energy Association’s REView 2016 report, released earlier this year (June 7th) in association with Innovas and KPMG, also highlights concerns about whether or not the targets will be met. It suggested that government policies brought in over the last year will most likely have a negative impact on growth rates for the sector in 2016.

It recommended that the government devises new policies in order for the 2020 renewable energy targets to be met, especially where heat and transport are both concerned.

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