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New AD Plant Launches In Devon

A new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant has opened in Devon using grass silage and freshly cut grass as feedstock.

Biogest recently announced the new Gas2Grid plant, which is located in Willand, just 30 km from Exeter.

It will use the feedstock to produce pure biomethane through biomass boiler heating, with a gas production of 1,000m3/h, which is injected into the natural gas grid.

The site has been operating since June 2018, with a proof of performance test having been completed in August.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The plant has fulfilled the forecasted performance and is maintaining a stable operation. Scientific studies using simulations have determined the ideal positioning of the mixers in order to achieve the best possible level of mixing and minimum energy consumption.”

It is unique in having a PowerRing system, which provides advanced mixing technology that allows it to use many different feedstocks and be sustainable in the long-term.

As the PowerRing technology uses a low proportion of energy, heat losses are kept at a minimum and energy efficiency of the plant is high.

A site in Cambridgeshire could follow in Biogest’s footsteps and adopt this system if the local authority gives it the go ahead.

Collmart Growers of Pondersbridge submitted its proposals to Huntingdon District Council for an AD plant opposite its packing and storage area, Hunts Post revealed.

It will use by-products of onion processing, as well as straw, sugar beet pulp and maize, with the company hoping 16,000 tonnes of digestate could be produced every year if plans are approved.

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